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The perfect session for a model or to expand your creativity.

Your favourite image of you.


Are you a creative? Huge ideas, goals, and want to capture it all in an image?

These sessions are out of the box & super fun. They are perfect for modelling portfolios, album covers, or just because.

The steps to your perfect portrait


The Planning

Over the phone we will set up a day to get together and plan all of the details, from your preferred artwork to your clothing choices.
Hair and makeup is available for all sessions - Even champagne!


The Session

The day is here!
We already planning out outfits.
Your fully glammed and feeling amazing!
We have snacks and drinks in studio.
The rest is easy - Smile.
Since your already glammed up, maybe you want to sneak in a family image too!



All done!

Time to view your finished portraits!
We will sit down and choose your favourite portraits & how you want to display them.

Are you ready to create artwork?


We do not believe in time limits or outfit limits on sessions.
We would you invest in once in a lifetime artwork to be counting a clock or choosing between clothing choices. We also do not believe in investing large sums of money into something that hasn't been created yet. This is why we have such a custom curated process in place.
We chat, we laugh, and we will truly get a feel for what you are dreaming of.  

During your session we have music and snacks, we can either stay in studio or move onto location.
Some clients want both options, again that is 
absolutely okay!
Whether we spend 30 minutes together or three hours, your portraits will be perfect.
Our session fee is $280. 
Our session fee does not change based on your session type. This is out flat minimum.
We include two portraits as a little gift - Both digital & printed 8x10.

No additional digital files or artwork are included.

After your session we sit down and view all of the portraits that we have captured we narrow down to your absolute favourite portraits and select how you would like them.
Digital with a small matching print, custom leather album with matching 
digitals, or heirloom quality hand crafted wall art to hand down through the generations.
Each portrait is then sent to a master editor to be perfected. With some communication to make sure everything is perfect - We print!

We are not snapping a few photos and sending out an email.
If you are price shopping, we are not the studio for you.
We want to work with clients who view our work, say wow!
And have no question that we are the artists for them.

Most of our clients spend upwards of $1000+
If you want an incredible experience, the perfect portraits, and quality over 
We would absolutely love to create artwork with you.

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