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Kayla Hannaford, born and living in Ottawa, Ontario.

My love of photography stems from my father.

Starting back as far as I can remember we would go out in search of animals to photograph; the rush alone was enough to get me hooked.

I had my own camera in no time and, needless to say, I never put it down.

I have a vast love of photography from wildlife to high fashion.

The ability to capture beauty and manipulate light fascinates me, seeing as there is always something new to learn.

In a nutshell, what draws me to my profession is “never ending possibilities”.

There’s always something new to learn,

new to shoot, or a new lighting style to try.

I have definitely had some pretty cool experiences in my career thus far,

such as photographing “Robert Bateman”. Or having the honour of being chief judge of the Canadian Armed Forces photography Competition.

I have also shot for "Canadian Geographic" and travelled the world in search of “the shot”…  (still pending).

It’s my goal in every photo shoot to be at ease and have fun. If you have an idea throw it at me, no matter how out of the box.


Second Photographer


Gordon has had a passion for photography his entire life, originating from the film days. Gordon brings a fun outlook and adventurous attitude to each session.   Gordon and Kayla have been shooting together for over 10 years

and make a wonderful team. Specializing in events and wildlife; he is sure to liven up any session and create exceptional images.


Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist


Certified in both make-up & hair,

Zab continues to expand her knowledge and branch out in the beauty industry.

Zab is the owner of an in home beauty salon as well as

the owner of “ZAB Hair-Makeup”.


The mother of two is a wonderful example of growing a successful buisness 

and raising a beautiful family all at once. Truley an inspiriation, she brings this

"go get-er" additude towards every session.

Apsiring for the best in all that she does, Zab is sure to bring new ideas to each set.



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