Kayla's Story

Kayla was born and raised in Ottawa, she adopted her love of photography from her father (also a photographer). As soon as Kayla could walk, her father and her would go out in search of animals to photograph. What started as a friendly competition between father and daughter turned into a life long love of photography as well as a life long competition between the two. 

Kayla enjoys spending time with each family to get to know them, she says "there is something truly special about capturing not just a photograph of someone, but the spark that makes them special."

A few cool experiences in her career thus far-

She has shot for Canadian Geographic and travelled the world in search of

“the shot”…  (still pending).

Photographed Robert Bateman as well as some other prominant names & had the honour of being chief judge of the Canadian Armed Forces photography Competition.

Kayla earned photographic degree fresh out of high school.

"There was not a day where I questioned what I wanted to do.

I am so blessed for that." 

Now with 10 years of experience you would think her knowledge would be the defining factor in Kayla's career, but the truth is that most clients notice her patience first. This is truly what sets Kayla apart - Her love for kids and working with families.

Why fake a smile when you can capture real, belly filled laughs.

Why capture just a portrait what you can capture moment.

A little bit more...

When Kayla isn't in the studio she is either at home with her little family of three, her hubby Dylan and her puppy Panda.

Or at the race tracking racing motorcycles.  

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