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Let The Race Begin

May 4, 2014


I just recently finished an incredibly fun photo shoot on a "BEAUTIFUL" 2012 zx6r. Seeing as my main studio is upstairs we did the photo shoot in the front part of the building that my studio is located in. Which just happened to be a dream; behind the roll paper there was a full length window reaching from floor to sealing. This created A beautiful back light to the image, and a rim lighting around the motorcycle where the light peaked around the back drop.


Would I do a photo shoot like this again? In a heart beat!!


Along with photography motorcycles are my passion; mixing the two in one was a Dream.



For the lighting I used a two light set up as well as a very large reflector. I choose an umbrella for the main light,  and a medium soft box for the fill. This created amazing reflections in the shine of the stunning motorcycle. Just keep in mind that these reflections can make or break a photograph; much like the specular's in a persons eye they bring life to the bike. So make sure they are not located over any logos, and if using more then one light source make sure that the two highlights converge into one to high light the bikes curves.


As scene bellow in a behind the scene Glimpse:



So recently I broke my hand, meaning though I can shoot; I cant edit. I need my right hand to edit the images. So thankfully my cast is coming off in 3 days!!
May, 7th 2014 my cast comes off and you will see actual images from the photo shoot.



All images an content ©Kayla Hannaford 2012-2015

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Caroline & Nick!

June 3, 2015

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