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Across Canada Trip!!

October 22, 2014

Hi Everyone! So I just wanted to give you a little update about whats been going on. Recently I went on an across Canada trip, travelling across Ontario, through Manitoba, Saskatchewan,Alberta and B.C. It was completely incredible! The purpose of this trip was to photograph wildlife, and scenery.


This was a camping trip, so there was plenty of sleeping in the car when there was no where to camp. And all of the other nights were happily spent in a tent, no matter the temperature it was well worth it. I saw and photographed so many incredible animals on this trip including Black bears, Grizzly Bears, Sock eye salmon, Cougars, Bald eagles, moose, and many more. Bellow is an image of a black bear that I photographed off of High 99 in Kamloops.



Just a little sneak peak of my recent trip across Canada, this image was taken in Kamloops, B.C. Off of Highway 99. I would just like to point out that is was a HUGE bear, so though it looks like were close in the image, we are at least 200ft away. 

Respecting the animals space is priority #1.


I haven't edited many of the images yet, but I will post them as their ready! I'm so excited to show you guys. Now speaking of amazing animals. Well I was in Kamloops B.C. I had the amazing opportunity to visit the B.C. wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary takes in injured wild animals and nurses them back to health, the final result being a final release back into the wild; if the animal can no be nurse back to perfect heath they have a permanent safe home at the sanctuary. I got to talk to an amazing man by the name of Brett who has been working there for 30 years. He takes care of all of the animals, and genuinely loves them. If you ever want to show your support this certainly is a place that deserves it.


A percentage of the proceeds from the images of my entire across Canada is donated to this sanctuary.


You can check out my Paws Photography Facebook page to be the first to see images from my trip as I edit them. I would love to hear any thoughts you guys have!



All images an content ©Kayla Hannaford 2012-2015

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