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Kayla Photography's New Blog + Highlights from 2013-2014

January 20, 2015

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new blog, a bigger better version of our previous one. Before we kick of all of the new updates, i'm going to to highlight some of our best moments from 2013 / 2014. Previously featured on our old blog. 


First off we got published in Canadian Geographic magazine for the first image on April 2, 2013.

Previous post: "I have recently been published in Canadian geographic on Page. 9 and Page. 65. This appears in the April 2013 Issue just released in stores.

I'm proud to have such an amazing honour! There is my image of a barn owl as well as photographs for the Giant Floor Map piece."

Bellow are two of the images posted within the update, the first being the cover images of the issue I had been published in, the second being one of the actual images that were published. Please excuse the image quality, both are screen captures from my previous blog.





Another highlight from 2013, happened on May, 1st! 

When I graduated College, and got published in Canadian Geographic for the second time!

This was an exciting day. Previous post: "I just recently Graduated Algonquin College-photography program, and by recently I mean yesterday. To kick off the rest of my career I started with the first Alumni update on the Algonquin College's photography Blog, by Jason Machinski. An  announcement of my most recent published photograph in Canadian Geographic, Online addition. I had an opportunity to choose a location for a photo shoot, if the images and story were good enough it would be published in Canadian Geographic Online, again. (Previous Publish in Canadian Geographic online) Because of my love for animals I used this opportunity to raise awareness of orphaned baby animals present at the Rideau Valley Conservation centre. I did this with the company of Kimberly Ryan, an editorial intern who wrote the the story. As always it is a true honour to have an opportunity to be published in Canadian Geographic!




With in incredible two years of schooling under my belt It is time to set forward in a photographic career, which I hope to be everything I've dreamed of. Never afraid of a little hard work I hope to someday get "The shot" as well as make a name for myself in the photographic community. Just two short years ago, I started from the basics. From photographing a Styrofoam cubes, to being set free as a graduate what it seems on hours later, It has been an incredible experience with incredible people. Now to do what I really love for the rest of my life, Wildlife Photography."


Please view our older Blog posts, or atleast copies of them within this blog! They will be added soon, but dated with the original date. Unfortunatly, I will not transfer all of the blog posts. Only the highlights and some of the best moments that I don't want lost!





All images an content ©Kayla Hannaford 2012-2015

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