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Did you know? Why Newborn sessions are so expensive?

January 28, 2015







Why are our newborn sessions more expensive then other photographers? That seems like a hefty penny right? Especially when you just had a brand new baby that needs a crib, diapers, and the cutest hats available!

When you're not a photographer it's easy to look at this amount then run for the hills and go buy a new stroller, but believe me when I say this is an investment. And why should you hire a professional instead of the cheap "PHO"tographer on kijiji that just got their cameras last month and are looking to make some extra cash? OH BOY if you have considered this, please keep reading!


The average newborn session is 2-3 hours of time, and for an established studio this means 1 hour of before session emails, phone calls and conversations. We then meet with you and happily go over the rest of the details in a 15 minute before session consultation.  During the session I'm sure you'll want the cutest little hats and outfits we have, along with several different poses with baskets and every image you can possibly dream of, and this is wonderful! Only we have to spend the next hour getting your adorable little one to sleep. When all is said and done we have spent maybe 30 minutes photographing, 2 hours "shushing" and 30 minutes cleaning up poopy blankets and having a good laugh. You're going to leave your session excited and in the end, you're going to love your images and feel nothing but pride hanging them on your walls.


What you see is an amazing fun experience that you can treasure for the rest of your child's life. You now have an incredible life like reminder of all of their bundled up cuteness. 

So let me answer one of your questions, why me instead of a $50 newbie. Well that's easy, safety.  If you completely ignore the years I spent getting a degree to ensure only the best image quality and you ignore all the wonderful props that we have for you to use. Lets talk about your newborn's safety.  I have been fully trained to keep your child nothing but safe. When they are this new there are so many ways that you can hurt a newborn by simply posing them the wrong way. I know how to move your baby while they sleep happily.  I know how to keep them 100% safe and sound! I assure you I did not just get my camera. I can also assure you that I know what I'm doing when you hand your little angel over to me and put all your trust in a stranger.

By the end of the session we will not be strangers, I will have been present during a wonderful time in your life. I have been pooped all over by your little baby, and we have talked for 3 hours straight. Rarely do I leave a session without a friend rather then just a client/photographer relationship.


So why are we more expensive than others? Well by start to finish I have spent on average a total of 5 hours with you and your family. And that is just the time that you see. When the images are over I upload your images and edit them all. Within a 3 hour newborn session I usually have around 200 images. So after going through each image and culling them down to the final few I have spent a minimum of 1 hour, and thats before the editing begins. If you have 15 images to choose from my average editing time can range from 15 minutes to 1 hour per image depending on the final result you had discussed with me before session. So in time alone I have spent 21 hours on this one session. Please keep in mind that I have a studio to pay for, the lighting equipment alone is worth thousands of dollars, along with wear and tear on my camera, lenses, props and more.

Each of the cute props that made your images special, ranged from $20-$400 per prop! Very often we go through our entire prop selection during one session, so you have as many images to choose from as possible. 


You are more than wlecome to contact me at any time if you have questions or thoughts. I assure you that we are amazing at what we do and I personally strive to make this memorable time in your life not only encapsulated in all of its beauty, but safe for you and your child.



All images an content ©Kayla Hannaford 2012-2015

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