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How to embed a secret watermark in your images!!?

April 6, 2015

Hey everyone!

I recently saw a few photographers asking how to embed their watermarks into an image.

It's like magic! Unfortunately, screen captures and printing 72dpi images affect us as photographers everyday. How our work is viewed, referral rate (other people are seeing these terrible prints) and of course, our bottom line! EAK!

So here is the only way I know of to protect yourself - literally add an invisible watermark to your images that is only visible when printed!!!

Okay here it goes!


1) Using "frequency separation" - this technique requires you to know about frequency separation.


2) Creat a new layer above your "Texture" layer of "frequency seperation". Then link the two together with a clipping mask,


3) Using your clone stamp tool, select your watermark brush, 100% opacity and current layer. Current layer is the most important part.


4) Then with your texture layer selected, use option to select texture information from this layer. Do not click your watermark yet. It does not go one this layer.


5) Then select your blank layer and click your watermark down. DO NOT reselect image data from your clone stamp.


3) And well... You won't see a thing! Now make your images 72dpi. This is the most important part. It only works when your image is Low Resolution.


4) You're done! Your image will look perfectly normal, only if you print it you will have a faint annoying watermark across the whole image. 




I hope this helps out some of my photographer friends :)

Feel Free to message me if you have any questions!

I am more then Happy to Help!!


-Some things to keep in mind, it shows up better on some images then others, if your images is super bright try to keep the watermark on the color part of the images, the more satrated the better it shows.

-This does not show up very well on textured paper, but then again neither will a 72dpi print so no harm no fowl.

-If it appears to strong so you can see it in your digital do not lower the opacity or it wont show up in print. Simply reselect texture data, and try to resize your clone stamp tool.

-It does not matter wheather is on linear or vivid light for your frequincy seperation. I accedently clicked linear on the video, but normally I would choose vivid.



This is nothing new, it has been around for years but as I said I have seen a lot of photographers trying to figure it out. So I am just trying to spread the word and help out our industry.




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