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What make us special

Finished. Luxurious. Ready to hang.

Gorgeous 2000+ SF Commercial Studio

No time limit | No outfit limit | No limit on number of people | No set limit | Many beautiful sets
ountless newborn props | Maternity closet with gorgeous gowns
In person image viewings | Makeup & Hair stylist available


Each session is personalized to fit your family. 

What truly sets us apart is holding your hand throughout the portrait experience, beginning to end.

Digital files are not the end.

Our job is not over, why would we leave you to complete the most important part alone; Printing.

Of Course we offer digitals; it's 2024 - But always include a complimentary print to match.

We are with you from clothing choice, to choosing artwork to hang on your walls.

We deliver stunning quality products to hang in your home and hand down through generations.

Every home has a style & we have options to fit every decor type, but remember; your artwork will outlast your couches, paint, or even your current home location. What we are creating, will outlast you & I.

" The true value of a photograph isn't realized until it is the only thing left. "

Studio Video
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Founding Photographer
Kayla Hannaford

proffesional photographer

My passion is not just creating imagery, but creating artwork.

A tangible, beautiful product that can be held, displayed and enjoyed every single day.

I truly pride myself in offering a boutique, full-service experience. 

There is something so beautiful about truly serving my clients and watching their vision become reality. 

Delivering a piece of artwork that will last lifetimes.

As all photographers do, I started by handing my clients a disk of endless images that they will never sort through let alone print. This huge mound of memories that may never be viewed again; especially if the disk got lost or days got busy.

I was doing my clients a disservice, I wasn't delivering them a final product.

My love for tangible art really appeared when I bought my first home, I had these blank walls that made me feel nothing. Such a strange thought - a wall evoking an emotion, but a painting of flowers from a home store just didn't work for me.

It started with one piece, a canvas of my puppy.

All of a sudden I got a little chuckle when I saw her little face in the morning.

I was hooked. These beautiful happy moments that were frozen in time on my walls, gave me a smile every single day.

I want to do this for other families, I want to spark a smile on a rainy afternoon or tear drop when your child goes off to school. I want to give families the gift of a lifetime; true artwork.

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22M Antares Drive.

Ottawa, ON. K2E 7Z6

(By Appointment Only)

Studio Hours

  Sunday - Friday

  10am - 8pm



613 - 558 - 9082


Are you ready to create artwork?

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