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Business Portraits

You deserve to look your best. Without the stress.

Your favourite image of you.


Why us? Why should we shoot the most important image of your career?

Why do we call it that... It's just a headshot right?

No. A headshot is not simply an image of your face. It is the first connection people will have with you.

This is their first impression of you before you ever have a chance to meet with them in person.

This is much more than just a picture, it is a message.

We have had clients express their need to portray many different perceptions through their portraits.

From CEO's of large corporations requesting a sense of strength and power,

to social workers and teachers requesting a sense of openness and approachability.

Not only can these messages be captured in an image, but there is a science to it. 

Using posing, lighting and over ten years of knowledge and experience;

we help you instil a sense of "you" in each image.

This. Is "why us" because not only can we create a voice using your images 

long before you ever speak with client, but because we know this exists.

 Grow your business, Attract new clients and look professional.

Headshots pay for themselves - Invest in "you".

We are more than happy to schedule a consultation either on the phone or in our studio

where we can answer any questions that you may have and go over all the details.



What if I look terrible?

- Hair and makeup artists available -


What do I wear

- Style consultation available -


I look so Awkward in Portraits! What if I just stand there?

- Our photographer is a posing expert -


I hate me in pictures!

- Professional image retouching included -


-- Snacks and drinks -

The steps to your perfect portrait


The Planning

Over the phone we will set up a day to get together and plan all of the details, from your preferred artwork to your clothing choices.
Hair and makeup is included in all sessions - Even champagne!


The Session

The day is here!
We already planning out outfits.
Your fully glammed and feeling amazing!
We have snacks and drinks in studio.
The rest is easy - Smile.
Since your already glammed up, maybe you want to sneak in a family image too!



All done!

Time to view your finished portraits!
We view your images directly after the session and choose them on the spot!

The best part? Any purchased images are returned in 48 hours. 
This means if you are in a rush for work, the rush is on us; not you.

Are you ready to create artwork?

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