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Why hire a professional photographer?

As a photographer you would think the most frustrating thing to hear would be, “what camera do you use it takes really good pictures”, or “why are prints so expensive it’s just a piece of paper”. But as my years as a professional overlap each other I find small things like this bother me less and less. I can’t make clients value my artwork.

I can’t change people’s perceptions of photography.

But… I intend to try.

They say the only time you ever truly cherish a photograph is when it is the only thing you have left. Photography has been taken over by iphones and one button press camera’s. The art of exposure, angles, lighting and over all artistry is getting lost as a world of selfies.

Guilty, I am guilty… I selfie.

Capturing a moment on a cell phone is better than missing a moment all together, but when does simply capturing a moment change to capturing the essence of the spot in time. When does it become capturing the feeling, the sights, sounds and smells? When does is become the ability to look back at a fraction of time and remember as if you were still there? Well, this happens when I have done my job correctly.

Professional photography is not about the fancy cameras or lighting, it is not about posing or clothing. It is about capturing your family as they were in that time of your life. It is about the feeling you have when you walk past the artwork every single day.

I am constantly amazed when I see posts online, “looking for cheap photographer, doesn’t even need to be professional”.

What are your memories worth to you?

While your living them, nothing. They are just average days with average giggles. Bribing your kids to smile for a picture after barely making it out the door with both children, let alone both socks on. Right now, your memories are days, all blended together.

But when they are gone, when you children are grown, your socks are matching and you get 8 full hours of sleep a night. When they are the only things that you have left, these moments are everything.

What I believe makes my company special is not only the ability to capture moments like these in the most beautiful of ways, but to archivally freeze them in a tangible piece of art that can be handed down through generations. So even when time changes, the photographs will not.

It is also very much about convenience. Truly serving a client to me, means doing all of the grunt work, the ordering, the printing, the framing, sometimes even the hanging; to get that image up on a wall where it can be enjoyed every single day. So much of life is behind the keys of a computer, our treasures should not be. What makes “Kayla Photography”? We never leave your images to the mercy of a USB stick alone. We print - in printing we find quality. In printing, we freeze time.

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