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How to prepare for your newborn session

Newborn sessions are beyond cute!

They are also tricky to prepare for, especially if you are a first time parent. Here are some tips to make sure that you get the most out of your experience.

  1. Feed baby directly before leaving home. This will insure a sleepy baby that is ready to pose.

  2. Bring a bottle. Wether you are pumping and using formula for your little one - A bottle will allow us to keep your baby in pose when they need a snack and allow us to capture more poses without fully disturbing your newborn when they are already perfect within a set.

  3. Dress them in minimal clothing. When you are dressing you're newborn the morning of. Do not layer. We often end up waking the baby when we need to undress them at the beginning of your session. Put them in sleeper with no feet (Under shirt). This way we can start right away with wrapped posing and cute little feet showing while they settle into a deep sleep that will allow us to capture the naked poses later in the session.

  4. Do not eat anything spicy 48 hours before your session while breast feeding. What you eat, they eat. And spicy food can upset your newborns tummy and sleep.

  5. Do not touch baby. As cute as your little one may look in their pose. We are experts with well over 10 years of experience. Please do not touch or move your baby while in set.

  6. Baby's do not always cooperate. Sometime it happens, where your newborn wont allow us to pose them in certain sets or positions. Or all together they are having a colic day. We will do our best for the duration of the session. However, these little ones already have big personalities. We can not control their moods, though we will try our best to work with them. A newborn that will not allow us to pose will not result in a free reshoot of your session. The time has been held, the assistants time has been booked, and we have used all of our available resources to capture the best images for you. We are happy to try again another day! However, another session fee will need to be purchased.


  1. Expect a long day. Newborn sessions take roughly 2-3 hours. Bring snacks and be ready to sit, and even nap on the couch.

  2. Siblings. If you have a sibling that may get antsy during the session. Please keep in mind that we do family posing at the end. We suggest you have a family member watch your little one and bring them near the end of your session.

  3. No personal pictures or videos. We are the professionals, you are trusting us to capture the best portraits possible. There are no personal camera in the studio at any-times.

  4. You do not receive all of the digitals. Would would not be able to offer the time, experience or quality we do if we handed away all of our product. Paid an assistant. Spend 2+ hours in our top of the line 2000+ sq ft commercial studio. Paid a professional editor to make sure your portraits are perfect. And delivered a finished printed product shipped right to your door for our $280 session fee. We include two photographs with your session. Any additional are purchased in packages. Additional packages start at $690. This is an add on purchase and not part of your session fee.

  5. We do not offer discounts or negotiations. We are a professional studio with endless props, backdrops, equipment, experience and education. Please respect our service and do not ask for discounts.

  6. We do a viewing directly after your session. This allows you to view and select all of your favourite portraits for purchase. We do not keep images that are not purchased on file for later. Please come prepared to make all images decisions.

  7. Yes, we offer digital only packages. However, we always include an 8x10 print of each images. No you are not paying more for this - We believe in artwork and the moment you experience seeing your images printed if worth the extra effort on our part. Unless there is a special promotion stating otherwise.

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